How did we deliver this campaign?

On November 4, we launched a year-long partnership with the New York Times, bringing their iconic travel series, 36 Hours, to life through Google Maps. Through this unique editorial and media partnership, we’ve designed the kind of world-class digital experience that only Google could do by telling stories through our products, creating new and meaningful cultural experiences that bridge online and offline behavior.

The idea

Connect Google Maps technology with premium NYT travel editorial to give NYT readers a new way to immerse themselves in 36 Hours destinations while showcasing the best of Maps travel-exploration tools.


Our approach had three core components:  

1. Maps API integration within 36 Hours content

All 36 Hours articles embed the newest Google Maps API, allowing NYT readers to sign-in to Google and save featured destinations to their Google Maps app for the first time. We also integrated Google Maps into the new 36 Hours weekly video series, allowing viewers to dive deeper into featured locations via Google Maps enabled interactive video overlay. 

2. The 36 Hours Hub

The "hub" is an immersive, curated experience that brings 36 Hours editorial to life through Google Maps on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Co-created with NYT, the hub allows the NYT reader to explore a new city in depth through 3D, Street View and custom maps — with NYT editorial narrating the experience. As you travel from place to place, you can save places that you want to visit to your Google Maps. It’s updated throughout the year with new cities, creating a repeat experience for the 36 Hours fan.

3. Media and Promotion

Digital media was the backbone of this campaign with:

  • High impact takeovers at launch
  • Interactive video overlays for each location
  • 100% share of voice on 36 Hour article pages
  • On site traffic drivers to increase traffic to the Paid Post
  • Weekly print insertion in 36 Hours content driving to 2nd screen hub experience
  • Social posts from both Google Maps and the NYTs


Why is this campaign special?

Working closely with NYT Sales and Newsroom, this program brought together the best of NYT editorial with the best of Google Maps to enhance the readers' experience and bring their favorite destination to the their device.