Establish a baseline for brand awareness of Viber in the US market - by the end of 2015 with:

  • Drive brand awareness through various engagement channels

  • Reach 500 App downloads within 6 weeks of campaign launch


After running extensive research on our audience of 18-34yr olds who own a smartphone and who have used MMS in the past - we found that they over indexed on every single datapoint within the digital space. Being connected is their way of life - and their lifeline. They ferociously consume everything online - to a point where they show signs of loneliness due to the solitude of using their mobile devices to excess as well as the pace of which they exist.

Because of the pace they work and live by, our audience seems to crave moments of escape and find that through entertainment, travel or simply being able to vent to a friend.

After studying the mobile marketplace, we discovered that over its evolution the major players have not invested in building their brand. They only focused on their product and functionality therefore, from a brand perspective, and based on eMarketer’s report,  it would be advantageous to partner with with the apps that offer features and services that align with the brand image and objectives, rather than trying to pin down the leader. (source: eMarketer, 2014)