What could be more emotive than thinking, listening, feeling the sound of music during a moment of human connection? Nothing that we could find. So we decided to build the ultimate partnership between Viber and Spotify to help amplify these mobile led human connections through a digitally-focused marketing and media program. A program that would help pair mobile chats between friends, family, acquaintances with a personalised experience by inviting them to search for their ‘chatworthiest track’ on a microsite that would then create a custom collaborative Spotify playlist to create a soundtrack for their conversations.

One of the key tools used to create a means to connect Viber and Spotify included a landing page hub where people could contribute to a Spotify playlist. 

The user journey flowed like this:

Hub Gif.gif
  1. Users who fit the audience profile would be served various audio digital media ads on both desktop and mobile sites.

  2. Once the user clicked on the ad, they would be taken to a Viber/Spotify branded hub where they would be asked to contribute to a playlist through a custom page where they were prompted to search for their most ‘chatworthiest tracks’.

  3. They could then share the playlist on their social media networks. A call to action to register with Viber would also be displayed for those who aren’t already registered so that they can keep the conversation going with their connection,

We also timed the online and OOH reappraisal activity of this campaign around key music artist launches such as Adele’s “Hello” and Drake’s “Hotline Bling” launches to maximise the campaign potential.